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Are you looking to generate more leads for your business?
Are you looking to drive more relevant traffic to your website?
Are you wondering if the promotional campaign you planned for a certain festival would work?

Well, let us meet that goal or solve that business problem you have with our solution!



Catalyst Digital offers a wide range of digital services, with Search engine optimisation, Website development, Facebook marketing & Newsletter marketing at its core.

Any one of them is mighty enough, but put them together and you will see how much mightier they can get.

Website Development

Website Optimisation

e-Commerce Solution

Landing Page Configuration

Facebook Marketing

Google Search Advertisement

Video Production

Email Marketing



Using our own methodology of lean digitalisation, we enable businesses of all sizes to take small steps towards digitalisation. Rather than building and integrating tons of solutions at the beginning, we ensure that we only do what is necessary and then only progress when it’s needed.

You see. Most digital agency would often push all their solutions to you regardless of you need it or not.

That is really risky and detrimental to your business. It could burn alot of cash, time, resources of yours and still does nothing positive for your business.

With lean digitalisation, we only focus on what you need and only configure the necessary to meet your nearest digitalisation goal for your business. So not only it’s beneficial to your business from the start, but it saves you lot of money and time as well.

To avoid 3rd party with ill intention from misusing our data as well as information. We do not list our price list and charges down in this website.

However, we are more than happy to send it over via email after we had met for Face to Face consultation.

Of course you can, please drop an email to general@catalystdigital.my and we will send one to you right away.

Else, you can also head over to our contact us page using the website’s menu and send us a message there.

Yes there is a FREE face to face (F2F) consultation at the start. Throughout our business operation years, one of the dire problems we realised is the knowledge gap between digital agency and traditional business owners.

This gap causes lots of business owners to be easily misled into making digitalisation decisions that is detrimental to their business. At the end, they invested lots of money into a solution which they don’t even need.

In our digital agency, we want to make sure business owners get to make an informed decision. Hence, we always provide FREE F2F consultation beforehand.
Feel free to view our portfolio as well as the awards that we have received before.

Some of our clients are also kind enough to share their testimonials. These should be able to give you a decent measurement on our work’s quality as well as our abilities.


What our clients say about us

Hear it from other business owners/ peers on the quality of our digital services!

Here’s what they say!
You and your team's passion and attitude towards the job really impress me.
Inquota Education Services Sdn Bhd logo
Edmund Goh
Managing Director of IES
I have shared your contact to my friend, your services has been on point so far.
Wesmond lubricant logo
Win Shi Wong
Consultant at Wesmond Lubricant
I admire the passion and "creativity" in what you and your team are striving for.
June Azrin
Admission manager at Kingsgate International
I like the fact that you guys provide a report on the status of the digital campaign weekly. Very transparent.
BPP University
Maggie Yeong
International Commercial Executive
A huge thank you to Jin Chi and the team for rushing our corporate website before the launching date!
Nonskincare logo
Eion Tin
Manager at Non Skincare
Thanks for helping me and my clients, Jin. You are such a great help to them for digitalisation.
Tom Khoo
Director at Ping & Ling design