SEO Mythbuster: Small businesses can afford to ignore SEO? Think again.

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Embracing digitalisation but ignoring SEO is like eating pizza without cheese. It’s filling but it’s not satisfying. But it’s fine in the context of food, you will still be full anyways.

However, if it’s in the context of digitalisation, you’re basically wasting half of your effort if you do not prioritise SEO. 

Let’s take it slow. Let’s start from the beginning by explaining What is SEO, Why is SEO so important and How do we ensure we apply a good SEO practice while creating content. 


Key takeaways : Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) is basically how the search engine sees your website and content. The better or more relevant your content is to the audience, the higher the ranking of your content is for a certain keyword.

So imagine if your restaurant is on the #1 spot for western food Malaysia, guess how many reservations or views you're going to get for FREE!?

Hundreds and thousands of people googled that every single week. And more than half of them are likely to click on your content first. This is very valuable for your business.

In short, SEO is basically how much priority is the search engine giving to you on displaying your content to your audience. The better your score is, the higher the chances of getting more and more audience seeing and knowing your business. 

And all these could come free if you know how to utilise it. So you’re talking about getting the best publicity at literally NO cost!

And it works on every single type of business in every industry. Think about frozen fish for example. You might think that no one would ever search for such a term on Google.

You’re wrong, look at the graph below! It’s crazy how you have people searching for these almost every single day in Malaysia!
Source: Google Trends
Now think of all the business opportunities you might have for your fish stalls, if all the people that are looking for frozen seafood/ fish sees that your website is on the first page of Google. You will get so many new contacts as well as new potential clients! At zero cost! Crazy!
Many of the times,  our clients would also like to ask us : “So what are the factors that contributes to SEO ranking ? 

Well to be honest, there’s more than 100 of them. Google’s search engine algorithm is not something that is disclosed to the public.

Thankfully, we had compiled a list of high contributing factors towards your overall score. Click here to download Top factors that contributes to your overall SEO for FREE.  The document we crafted will give you a good basic understanding on which factors you should put more emphasis on and work towards it.

But to summarise: To do well in SEO, always remember that:-
(1) Google is looking for genuine and credible content
(2) Google is not human. So make sure you help it to understand what your content is about.
(3) Google likes it when they see you having a say in a certain topic across multiple social media. So having a good presence throughout the internet is a good start.


So the next time you are saying that SEO doesn’t matter for small businesses. Think again! In fact, it is one of the most efficient ways in terms of cost and ROI to grow a small business!

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But ranking on the first page doesn’t always mean you are doing the right SEO for your website. The key is to rank for the right keyword, not just the first page. 

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Jin Chi

Jin Chi

The founder of Catalyst Digital. Born in year 1995, a huge fan of blue ocean strategy as well as lean startup. You can contact him by email at jinchi@catalystdigital.my


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Join us on our journey as we set out to assist SMEs digitalise their business and stay relevant for the future.

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Subscribe to our newsletter

Join us on our journey as we set out to assist SMEs digitalise their business and stay relevant for the future.

Exclusive content for subscribers
Free e-books every 3 months
Free for a lifetime