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Enable customer to reach you organically via search engine

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What is it for?

SEO is a long term plan and strategy which benefits your business by becoming a key authority for a certain topic or an industry. In the long run, you will be the first in line to capture potential new customers.

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What do we need?

A website and a detailed discussion with the team on the direction of your SEO plan and keywords that are worth ranking for and what's the worth of capturing a certain keyword for your business.

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What is included?

We will be working with Google Search Analytics & Google console to get your website thoroughly indexed. We will also be posting contents on your website as well creating social media account for your business.

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How much would it cost?

Depending on the content and duration that is needed, a SEO project will be a whole year long project that starts from RM1,000 per month and beyond. *Note: SEO is not a strategy that brings instant results

Our portfolios

Want to see how we assist our clients in the digital process? Click into one of the project !

Auxinlive by Catalyst Digital
Auxinlive Skincare - Website Design
Wesmond website by Catalyst Digital
Wesmond Lubricant - Website Design
Non-Skincare by Catalyst Digital
Non Skincare - Website Design
LKW Petroleum by Catalyst Digital
LKW Cambodia - Website Design
Addinol Malaysia website by Catalyst Digital
Addinol Malaysia - Website Design
LKW Group website by Catalyst Digital
LKW Group - Website Design
Australia Institute of Music digital marketing by Catalyst Digital
Australia Institute of Music - Digital Marketing
BPP University digital marketing by Catalyst Digital
BPP University - Digital Marketing

*Our portfolio extends beyond the listing here. For a full list of our portfolio, please drop an email to general@catalystdigital.my

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