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Create a digital version of your business by having a website

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What is it for?

A website is a digital version of your business. It can let your customers gain more information, contact you, purchase goods and many more function.

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What do we need?

A detailed discussion with the team on the direction of your website. For example, some business does not need to run an e-commerce shop/ some might be better having one.

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What is included?

We take care of every single aspect of your website needs. Including purchasing domain name, hosting it on a server, designing it as well as fulfilling all your other custom needs.

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How much would it cost?

We have 3 different packages- Bronze, Silver and Gold. It starts from RM2,000 all the way to beyond RM10,000 depending on what is required and if there's any custom function needed.

Our portfolios

Want to see how we assist our clients in the digital process? Click into one of the project !

Auxinlive by Catalyst Digital
Auxinlive Skincare - Website Design
Wesmond website by Catalyst Digital
Wesmond Lubricant - Website Design
Non-Skincare by Catalyst Digital
Non Skincare - Website Design
LKW Petroleum by Catalyst Digital
LKW Cambodia - Website Design
Addinol Malaysia website by Catalyst Digital
Addinol Malaysia - Website Design
LKW Group website by Catalyst Digital
LKW Group - Website Design
Australia Institute of Music digital marketing by Catalyst Digital
Australia Institute of Music - Digital Marketing
BPP University digital marketing by Catalyst Digital
BPP University - Digital Marketing

*Our portfolio extends beyond the listing here. For a full list of our portfolio, please drop an email to general@catalystdigital.my

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